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At end of the match Barcelona2, Bayern 8 [champions League ] [Full match Analysis]

  In the champion League Bayern showed a dominating strategy over Barcelona. In last match on the champion League  every football lover felt...


How a closed computer gives right time ? [WWNPLUS.COM]

We live in the age of science.The wonder of modern Science  around  us.We can not think a single moment without science.Science is like Bles...


Digital Sundial in Sunlight: Effort of Thousands of years.

 Alalog Sundail People have been practicing the technique of scheduling time in sunlight for a long time. Our ancestors start using Sundial ...


What kind of family you like?

What kind of family do you live in?  I live in a small family consisting of my parents and my younger sister. It is a nuclear family. What i...


Television paragraph

Use and Abuse of Television.  Today TV is that the most vital mode of entertainment to all or any classes and ages of people. In the towns a...


Unfairmeans Examination Paragraph

What is unfairmeans examination?    I don't support unfairmeans in the examination cause it prostitute the quality of education. I am ag...


Social value paragraph

What is Social value? Social values are the customs,belief,tastes, social practice's and norms and attitudes of a particular social comm...


International women's day

What is international women's day? Women are the worst sufferes. disparity between man and women is going on. It begins at their birth. ...


Bird Flu paragraph

What is bird flu? Bird flu may be a serious illness that affects birds. Especially chickens, that may be spread from birds to humans which c...


Drug Abuse & Addiction: Effects on Brain, Risk Factors etc.

What is drug addiction and how people been addicted on it? Drug addiction means taking heroin, opium, morphin cocaine Etc.  some of these ar...


Chinese army on the border, India gathering more troops and tanks on the border.

Online Desk:WWNPlus Tensions have risen between India and China on the border of eastern Ladakh. India is talking about resolving the situat...


How far will the china india clash go?

Img-src:sutterstock News Desk:wwnplus India and China. Both countries have nuclear powers. Tensions have been rising between the two count...


Protests continue for the ninth day in Michigan.

The assassination of George Floyd will change a lot. Protests, demonstrations, and processions in Detroit, Michigan, continue fo...

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