Bird Flu paragraph

Tuesday, July 14, 2020, July 14, 2020 WAT
Last Updated 2020-11-20T06:34:43Z

What is bird flu?

Bird flu may be a serious illness that affects birds. Especially chickens, that may be spread from birds to humans which can cause death. 

Recently the breaking out of bird flu has taken us aback.

 We could never consider such quite problem in our country.

Because of the Almighty that it couldn't escape In outbreak form because of the timely intervention of the govt. and people's consciousness about the matter. The reason behind bird flu in our country couldn't be detected.

Where and how the bird flu virus founded? 

 It absolutely was thought that it'd have been carried and spread by the imported chickens from our neighbouring countries like Thailand and china because the breaking out of bird flue in an plague form has been seen in China and Thailand. Pullet's farming has had a positive effect on the socio-economic condition in our country. 

It helped many rural poor women to breakout the chain of poverty and see better days in their lives.

 But the recent breaking out of bird flu has shadowed their smiling faces into gloomy ones and clouded their foreheads.

 it's emptied their fertile farms and turned the firms into barren lands.

 We've seen the heart-rending cries of the people both male and female.

 Their cries have pierced our hearts. However, it's heartening that our government has taken an all out efforts to grant loans to the people engaged in poultry farming on easy terms to stay their income generating industry on and to bring on the better days and see the gloomy faces glowing with beatific smile and keep their heads above all consuming poverty.