How a closed computer gives right time ? [WWNPLUS.COM]

Tuesday, July 21, 2020, July 21, 2020 WAT
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We live in the age of science.The wonder of modern Science  around  us.We can not think a single moment without science.Science is like Bless for us.

One of the most wonder invention of science  is Computer.

This is very useful technology in this modern world.

Today we are going to learn how a turned  off computer can show us exact right time.

How a turned on computer shows time.

It is very normal to be able to count time while the computer is open.

But how can a closed computer know what time is on the clock?

It shows the exact time even after turning on the computer.

The fact is that even after the computer is switched off, there is something inside that is counting the time.

Most computers today use the Network Time Protocol (NTP) to set the clock. This NTP is a specially designed program that helps the computer to create a relation between  computer and Internet.

It is designed to manage computer clocks with Co-ordinated Universal Time for short UTC.

This mechanism for when computer being on.

Now Let's talk about  this time counting  method  when the computer is off.

Most computers contain a small portion of a quartz watch which is made with a CMOS battery.

Even though anyone turned off the computer, Time calculations continued from that time.

That why Even a turned  off computer can show up a right time.