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WFP(World Food programme) has won Noble Peace Prize 2020.

Friday, October 9, 2020, October 09, 2020 WAT
Last Updated 2020-11-20T05:52:39Z

What is World Food programme?

World Food programme is a food security & food assistant Branch Of UN(United Nation).

This is the world largest organisation who addressing hunger and promoting food security.And provide food for helpless people.

According to World Food programme(WTF) report this organisation provide food an average of 91.4 Million people in 83 country per year.

The head of WFP is David Beasley.

The headquarter of WFP is Rome,Italy.


This Year World Food programme (WFP) won 2020 Noble Peace prize.

The award was giving to this organisation for Successfully contribute  to satisfied hunger in conflict and war-torn areas.

On Friday Norwegian local time 11:00 Am.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced that this year Noble peace prize goes to World Food programme (WFP).

This is the largest food Organisation in the world which involved in hunger and food security.

The headquarter of World Food programme (WFP) is stand in Rome,Italy.

In 2019 This Organisation provide helped over 100Milion People of 88 countries.

World Food programme (WFP) has more than 80 Branches across the wold.

Through this branches WFP helps those people who are helpless or unable to produce food for their family.

The value of Noble prize is 10 million Swedish kronor.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has the right to selecte winner of Noble peace prize.

All Noble prize winner announced in Stockholm, Sweden but Noble peace prize  announced  in Oslo, Norway.

Source: Noble Prize Dot Org