Top 5 Online music apps for Android & Apple.

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Music is the one thing which give us very pleasure.

Everybody loves music.When we listen music it gives a inexpressible feeling.

Music has the power to reduce your stress and bring your happiness for short time.

Music has become a part of life.

When we grow up day by day our enjoying metarials decreasing day by day.

At a time music,videos,movies and web sire etc. become a great source for our enjoyment.

Music contain much more varsities Like :Romantic, sad,Action,Rock,hip hop and Rap (Rhythm and Poetry)  etc.

Everyone has test in oder to listen music.

Some like to listen Romantic music in other hand some one like to listen Rock music it’s depends on everyone choice.

Let's talk about some amazing online base music apps.

Best 5 Online Music apps list:


Wynk is an online music streaming platform.Where you can listen all kind of music.

This app support many kind of language like :English, Bangali,Hindi,Tamil, etc.

This application belongs Airtel company of india.

Overall 3 billion monthly stream also this app claimed number one spot in terms of daily active users (DAU), claimed Airtel based on Oct 2019 data from App Annie. The performance. 


Wynk support only Indian airtel number in order to use wynk pro feature you must have an Airtel number.

Anyone can listen music from wynk in oder to use pro feature user may sign up with an airtel number.

pro features:

1.Unlimited Music Downloads

2.No ads.

3.Unlock  premium contains.


Ganna is one of the best popular online music streaming app.

Times internate launched ganna on april 2010.

In short time this app gain lots of popularity.

Ganna provide international musical content.

Ganna has a special feature like tiktok.Which is Hot Shot.It is totally free and it is available on ganna app.

Ganna has an other Amazing feature which is ganna coin.By collecting coin user can get discount on some  brand which are affiliated with ganna

Ganna is available for many platform :

Web browse.




This app is supported for wolrdwide.

Multiple way you can register on ganna :

1.Using phone number.



4.Google Account.


Soundcloud is a very popular online music streaming platform.

This platform known as the home of emerging artists.

This platform has over all 200million + tracks.

Souldcloud Also available in Web version,Android and ios apps version.


Spotify is online base Music streaming platform and also a media services provider.

This is a Swedish base application.Spotify launched in 2008.

Headquarters of Spotify locates in 

Stockholm, Sweden.

This an Audio streaming

Podcasting site.

Total 300million+ user's in Spotify according to Wikipedia updates on October 2020.

Spotify Support all over the world.

This app has very much coolest features.

1.YouTube Music

YouTube music is a music streaming platform which is developed by youtube industry.

Youtube is a sub sector of Google.

YouTube Music also has in free and premium version. 

In premium version Youtube music provide Ad-Free music,Unlimited download and high quality auto, And unlocked some premium contain.

conclusion :

Tell Us about Your favorite Music streaming platform in the comment section.