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Currently the third highest corona patient is in Britain, Second highest corona patients in France.

Monday, January 11, 2021, January 11, 2021 WAT
Last Updated 2021-01-11T10:34:51Z


In Britain, 3 million 72 thousand three hundred and 49 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus so far and 81 thousand four hundred and 31 people have died.

In that country, 14 lakh six thousand nine hundred and Sixty seven people have recovered from the corona victims. However, at present there are 15 lakh 83 thousand nine hundred and 51 people affected by corona.

Although Britain ranks fifth on the list of countries affected by corona, it currently has the third highest number of corona patients in the world.

The United States currently has the highest number of corona patients in the world, followed by France. In the United States,The death rate for covid is 3 percent and a recovery rate of 96 percent. Meanwhile, In France the death death rate for corona virus is 25 percent and a recovery rate of 75 percent.

At present, the number of corona patients in the United States is 90 lakh    Fifty thousands five hundred and sixty nine.

and in France it is 25 lakh 13 thousands 

seventy seven.

 Source: Worldmeter