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    Finally Trump's impeachment article raised in the US Congress.

    Tuesday, January 12, 2021, January 12, 2021 WIB Last Updated 2021-01-12T11:40:18Z

    The impeachment article of US President Donald Trump has been raised in the US Congress. It was raised Monday morning local time in the United States. 

    If the impeachment process goes ahead as planned, Trump will be the only president in US history who was indicted twice for impeachment.

    The Capitol Hill is a symbol of democracy in the United States,

     The violence by Donald Trump supporters inside Capitol Hill, last week has led to strong demands for impeachment of President Trump.

    House of Representatives Whip James Cliburn, said the vote could take place by Monday, local time. However, January 20 is his last day as US President.

     This impeachment complaint has to be passed in the Complaint House. Then the matter will go to the Senate where half or one third percents of vote would be needed to remove the president.

     But not only Democrats, but many Republicans have accused him of inciting supporters that day.

    Earlier, in December 2019, Trump was also impeached in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

     At the time, Trump was accused of pressuring the Ukrainian president to tarnish the image of presidential candidate Joe Biden.

    But despite the impeachment of the House of Representatives, Trump survived in the Republican-controlled Senate.