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City's five major footballers are unable to play against Chelsea

Saturday, January 2, 2021, January 02, 2021 WAT
Last Updated 2021-01-03T04:11:10Z

Due to Corona Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has confirmed that five players will miss Sunday's crucial Premier League match against Chelsea.

Earlier, the match against Everton was canceled after two City players and two coaching staff were infected by Corona on Monday.

Two staff members, including Kyle Walker and Gabriel Jesus, were confirmed to have been attacked by Corona at Christmas.

Three more players later tested positive in the second round. Five players have been sent in 10-day isolation.

However, the city did not reveal the identities of the three new victims. Apart from the match against Chelsea, the five players will not be able to play in the semi-final against Manchester United in the League Cup on Wednesday.

City's practice ground was temporarily closed. However, as no new positive case has come, it has been reopened from Wednesday.

Criticism of the cancellation of the match against Evatron, however, was not less. According to the current rules of the Premier League, if 14 senior players are fit, there is no problem in organizing the match.

Everton, however, have sought an explanation from league authorities as to why the match was canceled.

"I have personally spoken to Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti," Guardiola said. If we had gone to play there in this situation, many of us, including Everton, would have been affected.

The matter is extremely risky. Because it has spread in a new way not only in the city, but all over the world.